Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Monday 16/07/12 A day in Algeciras, Playa de Palmones

As it was a bit too strong Levante today to do our courses in Tarifa, we decided to go to the beach in Algeciras called Playa de Palmones. There the wind was perfect to practise kitesurfing. Playa de Palmones is quite a small beach in Algeciras and as there weren't that many people there we had enough space to do our courses there.

Today we didn't have any beginners so everyone practised their skills further in the water. Marcus's teacher today was Flavian.

A time to get a professional picture!

Getting up.
Krista also had a private lesson with Roberto and she managed to get up really well straight from the beginning.

Then we had Paul from Netherlands with Ricky. Paul practised body dragging today. 

Going into the water.

Paul doing bodydragging.

Romain had today a semi-private course with Beatrice and Rafa. They were also practising waterstart. And they both managed to get up really well.

Rafa showing his skills.


Then Maxim continued with the two kids, Daniel and Kibron, from Belgium. The kids did really well and the wind conditions were good for them.

Kibron flying the kite.

Daniel doing bodydragging.

And after a while it was time to introduce the board to them. 

Daniel getting the feeling of the board.

And then it was Kibron's turn.

Daniel practising waterstart.
Eventhough the beach and conditions were new for our customers today, they all did really well. And sometimes it's also nice to see other beaches too.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Levante Sunday 15/07/12!

Today was really nice and good levante day at the beach. We had one group course going on for a third day and then we had two kids learning kitesurfing. Roman was teaching Krista, Erasmus, Larry and Daigel. Krista is from Netherlands and she's doing her first kitesurfing course with us here in Tarifa. Eramsus and Daigel are from UK and Larry is from Australia and these guys had done their first course with us two years ago. So now they came back to Tarifa and went littlebit further with their kitesurfing skills! Really great group!

Here is some pictures of Krista, Erasmus, Larry and Daigel!

Larry holding Daigel to go in the water

Daigel going with the waterstart position!

Daigel up on the board and nice jump at the background!

Larry standing on the board!

Roman with Krista and Erasmus

Erasmus did really nice rides today!

Maxim had two kids today; Daniel and Kibron. Boys dad brought them here in Tarifa to learn some kitesurfing, their dad was allready a really good kitesurfer so now was the time to bring the children in the sport and boys were really exited about the course!

Here is pictures from Daniel and Kibron!

Daniel holding the kite for Kibron!

Maxim, boys and our assistant Tanja!