Friday, July 13, 2012

11/07/2012 Busy wednesday

As the high season for the summer has started, the days at the beach has started to be a bit busy with lots of people there. So today, the 11th of July, we headed to the beach quite early allready. We were one of the first schools there to start our courses, which was good as we had more room on the beach and in the water just for us.

But first things first, before you can start to practise kitesurfing you have always set up the gear properly, eventhough you are a professional and you just want to head to the water straight immediately.

William straightening the lines.

Carlo and Juan pumping the kite.

Today it was the 3rd day for Juan, Carlo, Alvaro and Mario so it was time for them to go to the water and start practising the waterstart. But first they practised a bit on the beach to get the feeling about the wind of today.

Mario concentrating.

Carlo having fun.

Alvaro practising to stand up.
Then it was time to go into the water with a board.

Mario showing how it should be done.

Carlo also succeeding to stand up.

And then it was Juan's turn to try.

Then we had customers from Norway, William and Kristian. And it was also the day for them to go with the board. But first they practised a bit more bodydragging and when they felt ready, they started to do the waterstart.

Kristian doing bodydragging.

William doing the same thing with the style.

William showing to his father how you should do kitesurfing.

William doing really good!

Then we had also Maria and Miquel doing semi-private course with our instuctor Ricky. 

At the end of the day Ricky showing
what is going to happen tomorrow.

Today Maya from Switzerland and Marcus from Germany started their private courses. It was the first time ever for Marcus to do kitesurfing but Maya had done it before so we'll see which tricks she is able to do after the private lessons.

Marcus flying the kite on the beach.

Maya with her big kite.

And here she is showing her skills.

Then it was the second day for the guys from Finland, Janne, Ville and Lauri. They were all excited about the day and how everything is going to go.

Lauri and Janne doing bodydragging.

Ville doing bodydragging with the help of our
intern Milla.

And as you can see, it went well. So it was the time to start to do waterstart.

Janne getting up.

Ville following him.

And Lauri showing his skills.

And as there were such a good wind, there were also some professional kiters doing their training for the day.

10/07/12 Tuesday!

We had 3 boys from Finaland coming in Tarifa to try kitesurfing and they were really exited about the sport. Wind conditions were great and weather was also pretty warm. Some burning skin was also showing on the next day. Here it is very important to protect your skin with high SPF like 30 or 50. Because it is really windy on the beach, you can't allways feel when your skin is burning. Anyway great few days on the beach and the season is really getting busy here!!

Here are some pictures from our Finnish guys: Lauri, Ville and Janne on their first day!

Maxim explaining safety of the bar!

Ville controling the kite
Ville holding Lauri's back so he wouldn't fall!

Ville practising the waterstart on the beach!
Lauri practising the self rescuing!
We had also other group with Roman. They were practising the bodydraing in the water because it was their secound day allready. Here is some pictures of Juan, Roberto, Mario and Alvaro.

Mario bodydraging really fast!

Roberto bodydraging!

Roberto and Juan in the water!

Monday, July 9, 2012

Trip to Tangier, Morocco

If you are planning to stay more than couple of days in Tarifa there is a good change to go to visit Africa. There are arranged different kind of excursions every day from Tarifa to Tangier. If you want to join a group or discover Tangier by yourself, the both ways are possible.

Tangier is only 14 kilometers away from Tarifa and it lies on the North African coast at the western entrance to the Strait of Gibraltar. The histrory of the city is very rich and it's now undergoing rapid development and modernezation which means that there is many things to see and discover.

One company that arranges travels to Tangier is FRS. They have good range of departure of the ferries and the fastest ferry from Tarofa to Tangier takes only 35 minutes. You can recognize the company from the red and white colours.

When starting to plan the trip to Morocco, at first you should check out that you have your passport, valid for 6 monts minimum, with you. Then other important thing is to fill a custom-form when entering and leaving the country. (The form is givent to you when buying the trip.) After that you're good to go and have a new experience that'll last in your mind.

When you arrive Tangier, you'll meet the many people trying to sell you their quide services, especially if you're not with a group. It's your choice if you want them to quide you or not, the help may be useful if you're planning to go to Medina. Medina is very interesting to see with it's narrow streets and Moroccan people.

There are also many commercial centers in Medina, where people sell handicrafts, spices and carpets for tourists.

It's also good to see the other places in Tangier too, outside Medina, as there is many beautiful spots to see. There is also many good places to eat delicious moroccoan food in the city. For example, Basteeya (Moroccan Chicken Pie) and Tajine (a berber dish) are dishes that are worth to try there.

So if there is a time for you to go to Tangier, don't hesitate. Make just sure that you're aware of that there are hustlers and tourist traps in Tangier also. Also one tip for you, choose not that windy day to go there (on a windy day it's always good to do kitesurfing..), as the sea may have big waves to offer. Then only the 35 minutes on ferry may feel a quite long time to be there..