Thursday, June 21, 2012

21/06/2012 3rd day of the course!

Today was a really good day for kiting! The wind was perfect and there was many kite surfers on the beach today. We were allmost the first school at the beach and we get started really quickly. It was nice to have some room in the water at the noon and it was nicer to our clients too. Firts we started from the beach by going trough again the theory of the waterstart.

After that we went straight to the water to change the theory to action!

 Roman helping our clientes to get up..

 And first one up!

 Happy client who just did great and rided on the water!

Our group of the day, clients had great 3 day course and they learnt to kite and now they just have to practise or come back to Tarifa and take new course to get to the next level! Awesome guys and a lot of fun with them, thanks!

Here is one good ride from our customer!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

20/06/2012 The second day of the course

Today it was the second day for our new groupe course. Everyone was ecxited about the day so we headed to the beach (Los Lances)quite early. There were not that meany people on the beach at that time so we had a chance to set up our gear and practise in peace for a while.

First we continued practising controlling the kite on the beach. 

Everyone did really good so when the wind game up, we headed to the water straight a way and started practising bodydragging. 
 Ready to go.

And when the instructor was helping others, it was good to have a relaxing time floating on the water. 
And because we doesn't want the customers get bored, we started to train the waterstart with the board also. First we practised it on the beach helping each other and then we went to practise waterstart to the water.

All in all it was a really good day and it's really good to carry on from this. So keep stoked and lets see what the next day of our course will bring on.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

19/06/2012 New course getting started!

Today was nice weather, sunny, warm and not too much of wind. Today was the first day for the customers and they had booked 3 day course. 3 day course is great because then you can see what kiting is and how to get on the board and you get to learn all the basics.

First day was just on the beach for the customers. Roman was the instructor and he had three spanish customers. It was a good day cause our customers got good feeling for controling the kite on the beach so they would be ready to go to the water on the next day.

  We took lot of photos on the beach. Our trainee Milla shooted our customers practising kiting and also other people who were at the beach. We got also really nice videos from water starting and some pro kitesurfer who did these amazing jumps on the water. Here some photos from the beach.

 Controllin the kite.

 Customers helpimg eachother.

 Kites on the beach!
Julian going in the water with his customer to try water start.

TarifaMax is working together with Etik kite school, here in Tarifa and the owner of Etik is Julian. Julian was also today at the beach giving kite lessons and he stepped on a fishing hook with his leg. The hook went into his toe and he had to go to the hospital to took it away. It really didn't look that nice and it had to be painfull for him, but he came back from the hospital and keeped on going his course. Julian's customer had to wait that time that he went to the hospital, but she didn't mind at all, allthough it was a good weather at the beach and lot of activity in the water what to watch.

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