Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Marie, Laura and friends kitesurfing with Tarifa Max

Some strong levante winds in Tarifa and lots of success with the French girls. Impressive!

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Tom and Carlota are back with Tarifa Max again

 Tom and Carlota are back with Tarifa Max for the third summer!

Getting ready to go with Tom

Tom is kitesurfing! :)

Still kiting - great Tom!
Still going...
Waiting for a clear space
Carlota ready to go

Carlota up and kiting too :)
Great kitesurfing guys, well done :)

Monday, July 29, 2013

Javier navegando...

Javier con el equipo dela escuela de kitesurf Tarifa Max para perfeccionar su nivel sobre la tabla. Romain le da todos los consejos necesarios para dominar en el agua. Que bien Javier!

Javier la makina navegando a tope!

Friday, July 26, 2013

Curso de kitesurf con Tarifa Max: Carlos, Carlos y Maria Verano 2013!

Carlos y sus hijos Carlos y Maria han vuelto este verano para perfeccionar el nivel de kitesurf con el equipo de Tarifa Max. 
Tarifa Max en la playa con la marea muy alta!

El monitor Ricki echando una mano a Maria

Preparaciones para el agua con Carlos
Maria - un fan del kitesurf

Al agua pato...

Ricki el monitor en el agua para ayudar

Navigando va! Olé Carlos!

y sigue...

y sigue más!

Muchas gracias Carlos, Carlos & Maria! 

Saludos del equipo de Tarifa Max

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Into spring and nearly summer...

Tarifa Max Kitesurfing school is back into action after 2 months in Western Australia over the winter months.  We always love to come home to Tarifa again - the beaches are just the best!


The summer looks to be a cool wet one in northern Europe this year...so head down to the south of Spain in Tarifa to see us for some warm weather and some great kitesurfing...don't hesitate!

Get the Max with Tarifa Max!

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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Many new courses started! 26/07/12

Today we had 14 new people starting their kitesurfing courses! It was good ponoente wind and because we were the first ones on the beach we had a lot of space to use on the beach. We had five new courses with Julian, Flavia, Roman, Maxim and Ricki.

Sibyl and Stefan from Germany took their course with Julian and they were really quick learners. Here is few pictures of Sibyl!

With Flavia we had one family Hector, Nani and Martin and one guy from Netherlands Jaco.
Nani with the startkite!

Jaco with a big 3m startkite!

Flavia helping Hector to get started!

Martin allready doing really good!

Properties if the kite- theory!

Nani looking really happy!
We had four spanish guys with Roman; Juan, Samuel, Santi and other Juan as well.
Santi with the startkite!
Juan with one hand!
Juan and Santi!

Samuel and others Juan!

 With Maxim we had two guys from scandinavia, Michael from Norway and Lars from Sweden. They were allreary experienced with powerkite so they learned also pretty quickly what to do!
Lars with the startkite!

Michael with the bigger kite and doing really good!

Alli and Sara, girls from Spain had their course with Ricki!