Thursday, June 28, 2012

Wind or no wind?

Today we were at the beach looking for a wind. We headed there around 3pm and the conditions were good to do some kitesurfing. There were not that many school there, so we had room to do our practising on the water for couple of ours. Then the wind came down, so we decided to wait for a while.

When we waited the wind to pick up Lionel and Ashley practised some standing with their hands to keep the body warm. 

Lionel also made a little show to us. 


 One of our instructor (Julien) came also to the beach, eventhough he was having a day off, to do some jet-skiing and wakeboarding. The starting was good, but when they came back, they came back walking. Where was the jet-ski? What had happened to it?

After a while the wind did pick up and we get to do some good kitesurfing. So it's always good to keep your thumps up for the wind to pick up. You never know when it'll happen!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

27/06/2012 The great and warm day at the beach

Today we were at the beach Los Lances.  We headed there quite early in the morning and everyone was excited about the day. There were three of our instructors with their students and one of our interns as well helping them. It was a day with the wind Levante and the temperature was high all day, so no-one didn't catch cold during the day. On the contrary it was nice to go and do the training in nice and chilly water of the Atlantic Ocean.

Today we had  two young girls learning how to fly the kite on the beach. They were getting the feeling about the wind while spending their time on the beach for couple of hours. It seemed that they enjoyed their time!

Then, we had customers learning how to do bodydragging and waterstart. Here our instructor Julien is helping Lionel in the water.

Ashley was also practising hard to learn kitesurfing.
 And our instructor Romain was helping her(Ashley) the whole day. 

When practising hard kitesurfing, it's possible that you loose your board for sometime. But luckily there is always some friendly people who helpo you get your board back.
Today was there was also couple of rescue boards to look for kiters who need help and they made sure that anyone wouldn't find themseves from Morocco at the end of the day.
At the end of your training, if you're not tired enough, you can work on your balance on a string near to the beach. Here our customer Richard is doing good with the string.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Kitesurfcamp in Tarifa, september 2012

Hey you all that are interested in kitesurfing! Now there is a perfect opportunity for you to come to Tarifa and attend to our kitesurfcamp!We are going to arrange a kitesurfcamp for beginners and O'neill Pro coaching kitecamp for more advanced kiters in next semptember and we want to invite you and your friends to have a great time with us here in Tarifa!

One week of kitesurfcamp for beginners and intermediate kitesurfers + 7 days of accommodation will include 17 hours of kitesurfing lessons with IKO instructors, insurance, complete gear and IKO certification. A week only for 499e! Accommodation for 6 nights will take place in kite center Pachamama.

In O'neill Pro kitecamp there will be Jalou Langree & Sam Light coaching participants for 5 days and there will be an accommondation arranged for 6 nights in the Kite center Pachamama.  A price for one week is only 399e!

The camps will take place from 10th untill 30th of september, so book your camp straight away and come to take the most of what Tarifa can give you!

+34 620 891 399

You can find more information about the camps from the facebook:

See you in Tarifa!

25/06/2012 at the beach!

Today was a great levante day. Levante means that the wind is coming from the coast and sometimes it could be really strong but today it was good. Today we had different kind of customers. Roman had a group course. There was Thierry and Lionel and Estelle and Jordan on the course. They all are from France so Roman did the course on French. Thierry and Lionel had their second day so they were practicing the body dragging in the water. Estelle is doing her internship for our company so she had done kiting all ready for 3 days and Jordan is Estelle's boyfriend and they both were ready to try the board. Everybody did well today. Thierry and Lionel did good with the body dragging and Estelle and Jordan get on the board pretty well.

Here is some pictures of Roman's group:

 Lionel and Thierry pumping up the kite.

 Thierry controling the kite.

 Lionel controling the kite.

 Lionel on the water.

 Estelle and Jordan pumping the kite with Roman.
 Estelle is ready for the waterstart!

 Estelle riding!
 Jordan riding!!

At the morning Maxim was on the beach with Julian. Julian took the private course so he was practicing alone with Maxim.

 Julian separating the lines.

 Going in the water with instructor Maxim.

Flavia had also a private course customer Fulvio from Italy. 

 Fulvio was ready to practice his waterstart and he did really well with it.

 Moving in the water with boeard and kite.

  Getting up with the board!

Monday, June 25, 2012

A day trip to Seville, Spain

If there is not a good wind for kitesurfing (which isn't that common in Tarifa) one good way to spend a day is to make a day trip (or two days trip) to Seville, Spain. Seville is the fourth largest city in Spain and it's a city that is worth to visit. Seville is situated on the plain of the River Guadakquivir and the distance between Sevilla and Tarifa is only about 200 kilometres.

The easiest way from Tarifa to Seville is to take a bus from Tarifa. Bus company that arranges the transportation from is called Comes. The one-way ticket costs about 18 euros. The bus schedule can be seen in this website:

Seville is a really beautiful city and it's old town is the largest in Spain. There are many things to see and the atmosphere in the city is nice, so prepare to have a good shoes with you as you'll find always some new interesting places when wandering around. The cathedral of St. Mary, the Alcázar and Torre del Oro are
the main sights that every tourist should check out. And if you're feeling sportive you should climb your way up to the bell tower (Giralda) of the Cathedral of St. Mary as there you can see the whole Seville.

There are also many beautiful parks in Seville that are worth to visit. For example Maria Luisa park is one of the main sights and there is the Plaza de España which was built for the 1929 Exposición Ibero-Americana.

If you're planning your trip to Seville during the summer time, there is no need to take your long trousers or jeans with you as it can be really hot during the day. They will be only extra weight in your luggage, we rather suggest you to take a fan with you, as it helps a lot during the day. 

If you are looking an accommodation for your stay in Seville, it's good to chech out what has to offer you.

All in all, Seville is a really good place to visit if you're planning to make a trip in Andalusia. Whether you decide to go there for one day or more, you won't get bored. Just remember to take your sunglasses and sunscreen with you and you're ready to go!